Citroen DS Pallas Interior For Sale.

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This early model DS is being restored in the South Island. The owner is looking for a good front valence. If you have one you would like to sell please email me and I will pass on to the keen owner. 

For Sale:

 Citroen DS gearbox parts.

 Parts for 4 and 5 Speed (manual) gearboxes from vehicles ranging between 1967 and 1974, 7 X 34 and 8 X 35 ratios.

 There are main casings for three 5 Speed gearboxes and one 4 Speed gearbox.

 One 5 Speed gearbox is 99% assembled, but is in no way intended to be a useable gearbox – it is only a semi-assembled collection of spares.

 There are miscellaneous parts from one other 5 Speed gearbox and three 4 Speed gearboxes. There are various lids and output shafts/carriers.

 There is no guarantee of the condition of any of the items.

 Please note that NO backlash adjusting washers/spacers are included in the sale

Price $1000 ono.

For Sale.
A collection of D panels.  Bonnets, front and rear guards, doors, boot lids and even a roof or two. The panels are from cars 1966 to 1973.
These panels are not NOS, they are all off cars that have been stripped for parts.
They will all need some work. but are generally in good condition.
You can never have enough spare panels.
Open to sensible offers.
First in gets the best panels.