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DS 60th Celebration Tour Update. 

January 29 Update: Some Tour accommodation has been organised, and listed on the over night stops page.

January  29 Update: an article on the Citroen NZ website celebrating the DS 60th


January 20 Update: Examples of the tour plaques and banners have been added to the site. You cannot miss them, They are very yellow, I wonder why .....

Registration forms for the CX, BX and GS have been added to the download page.

January 19 Update: Ferry Group booking with Bluestar is now finalised. Full info on the Ferry Booking page.  Ferry booking added to Registration form.

January 17 Update: Ferry booking information added to the Ferry Booking page.

January 10: DS 60th tour registration forms can now be found in the Downloads section of the DS 60th page


Praveen has made contact with the manufacturer of the kit you can see on the left.

Richard is willing to make up some new kits if we can get a minimum of 20 orders.

The full kit as on the left  costs AU $35 and just the fitting AU$15.

If you would like to place an order email me at roger@ds23.co.nz

This is one present your D deserves.

An interesting video from Jay Leno.


Tour registration forms are now added.

To all owners of Ds fitted with a carburetor, PLEASE check the integrity of the fuel pipe connection to the carb. These are an interference fit and can work loose and spray petrol over a hot engine with frightening results. Today I saw another D with extensive fire damage to the engine bay, This time an early Slough car fitted with a Solex carb.

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