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It has been quite awhile since I added to the site. I have been inspired of late and plan to be more regular in adding to the site.

Well that's the plan anyway.

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What is Jeremy doing?


We Lose another DS to Austrlia.
Jeremy's Ride for a Couple of Days. Bring her back nice and straight FSB!

Classic Citroen DS a perfect fit for adventures
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Entertainment at the shed. 

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Every now and then the lads from the shed are asked to visit and view a 'project' DS, check it out and give some advice, for what it is worth. We recently received a request to view a Safari currently garaged a few kms south of Cambridge.

The day and date was set. On the agreed date we set off from Auckland on a return trip of over 300 kms. Imagine our surprise when, on our arrival, we discovered that the owner would not be attending as he was too busy!

We gave the Safari a detailed check over before making the return trip to Auckland.
A brief written report was created and emailed to the owner.

And guess what? we have heard nothing, nary a word from the owner!

We are more than happy to help out those who are new to or considering DS ownership but somehow we have been left with the feeling of being used on this occasion. Not something anybody enjoys.

If the owner would like our full report it would be good if he could make contact with us, that is if he is not too busy!

The organisers of the 2018 NZ 2 CV Raid now have a website. Click on their image to visit their website
UPDATE 16 August: Currently for sale on Trade Me click on the image below to view the ad.
A very sad sight. This much loved DS 23 was recently struck  while parked. It appears that the driver of the offending vehicle had a heart attack. Another DS off our roads.

A very nice AM / FM Continental Edison radio for sale. 

These were especially manufactured for the third dash D. This radio is in excellent condition and comes with the power plug ( very hard to find) and the speaker fade control ( front /rear) . The radio has come from a one owner car and was working when removed from that car. However no guarantee can be given. 

These are getting VERY rare now. I haven't seen one on ebay for over a year. If you would like to make an offer I cannot refuse click on the image of the radio. 

In regards to the price that would tempt me to part with it, I would like to say that I have sold two of these over the last 18 months. Both sold for for more than US $600 each.. So offers of 30 and 50 euro fall well short  of an "offer I cannot refuse"

I am in no hurry to sell and if it does not sell it will go back in the car I am currently restoring.


 Another DS lost to an engine bay fire. This time in Italy. Not what the American owner would have wanted, I am sure.

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Update on the carburettor fuel fittings still available.

As at April 5 I have 5 of the brass fittings left. 

If you would like to purchase one get in quickly.


Are you planning  to sell your ID / DS or any other Classic French car?

Would you like to advertise on this website?

Email me photos, description, contact details, and I will add them to this page.

This is a free service. 

Some people just don't get the DS! Click on the Safari to see the ad 

AbnMike  399

This is an ugly worthless car. Look at it! It’s so ugly. Green and babycornpoopy brown interior? And French? Mon Dieu! If it isn’t wine, women, or food the French shouldn’t even attempt to make it.

Horrible car. You can’t work on it. Can’t fix it. Won’t appreciate. People will laugh at you. It’s old. Those rear seats certainly aren’t safe so they should be removed.

All that is for a “normal” one of these and this one takes it a step further by being a flippin’ station wagon? Didn’t we unilaterally ditch those for SUVs?

The seller may as well give this away. Say, to someone in Montana, where there are very few people around to point and laugh and shame the driver. Say, me, for example. Probably not worth more than a grand. I’m married so I don’t care if the girls laugh at me anymore. I guess I can go as high as $2 grand if it comes with a case of wine. 

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The boys in the shed have a new challenge. Fixing up a DS23 bvm. This challenge will be featured on ' The Shed' page. Visit the page by clicking on the image

Vince is stripped down, obviously meaning business.

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Here is a book you may be interested in purchasing.

Another good workshop text from a longtime DS restorer.

Yes I have bought mine. Click on either the image or button to visit the website



Finally ... time for a new road test. This time a Safari is compared to a Cresta Wagon. 

Fitting instructions for the brass fittings:

These are from Richard, who manufactured the fittings

I recommend removing the carburetor top and then tapping the thread required, 

BUT others will simply slap some grease on the tap then gently and carefully, making certain the tap is square to the hole,turn the threading tap a couple of turns, remove the tap, clean off the swarf,put some fresh grease on, thread some more until the job is done.

At the very least, remove the filter nut at the top left side of the unit and block the access. You can also gain access to clean out swarf.

A small amount of thread tape, probably one wrapped turn will be sufficient, then thread the new fitting into place, with your 11mm or 7/16" wrench.

I prefer to also use a hose clamp on the new fitting, even though the barbs will hold the plot, no worries.

The carb metal is quite soft and I found it easy to tap with the top in place following Richo's care instructions.

APRIL 4 Update on the carb fuel fitting fix kit

With the much appreciated help of Chris from Australia, I now only have  and 5 part kits, (no 9mm tap).

The part kits are priced at NZ$22 inc P&P in NZ.  You will need to purchase a
M9 x 1.00mm bottoming tap.

If you would like to purchase please contact me at rogeratds23.co.nz. (you know what to do with the 'at' or use the contact form on the contacts page.

So sad to see and so easily prevented

A nice DS video, a pity about the rear lights!

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