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Registrations at March 10:  DS: 5,    CX : 1,     BX: 1,    GS :0,    Other : 1

                   APRIL 23     Update on the carb fuel fitting fix kit

With the much appreciated help of Chris from Australia, I now have 1 complete carb inlet kit (9mm tap, hose clip and brass fitting) and 10 part kits, (no 9mm tap).

The full kit is priced at NZ$42 including P&P in New Zealand, The part kits are priced at NZ$22 inc P&P in NZ.
If you would like to purchase please contact me at rogeratds23.co.nz. (you know what to do with the
Does anyone out there know anything about this car? This photo was taken back in 1967.  I wonder if anyone can guess who the proud young owner is?  If you have any information please share on the Forum Page.

Do you purchase parts for your DS from the various parts suppliers in foreign lands?
Do you have fun dealing with your bank making the payments for your purchases?
I have found a very simple and cost effective way to make international payments and you can do it all from your computer.

Check these folk out:        http://www.tranzfers.com/Referral/autods23ie

So sad to see and so easily prevented


Praveen has made contact with the manufacturer of the kit you can see on the left.

Richard is willing to make up some new kits if we can get a minimum of 20 orders.

The full kit as on the left  costs AU $35 and just the fitting AU$15.

If you would like to place an order email me at roger@ds23.co.nz

This is one present your D deserves.

A nice DS video, a pity about the rear lights!


Tour registration forms are now added along with daily route maps. Planning for the 60th is almost finished.

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